Crown Perth, Burswood
Perth, Western Australia

12th – 15th October 2020

The Grain Industry Association of Western Australia (GIWA) Oat Council and the International Oat Committee invites you to attend the 11th International Oat Conference in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Field Tour – Monday, 12th October (visit Oat Trial Sites – optional)
  • Registration and Welcome Reception – Monday, 12th October
  • Conference – Tuesday, 13th to Thursday, 15th October
  • Conference Dinner – Wednesday, 14th October
  • IOC Meeting – Thursday, 15th October
  • Workshops – Friday, 16th October

An optional field tour to oat trial sites is offered on Monday, 12th October 2020 to Northam (approximately 1.5 hours east of Perth).

A social program for attendees and travelling family and friends is currently being developed.

Held every four years, the conference theme for Oat2020 is ‘Health and Nutrition’. Please see below detailed session themes outlined.

Oat genomics and bioinformatics

  • The oat genome – knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns.
  • Public and private Omics resources to accelerate delivery in oat improvement.
  • Genomics and bioinformatics platforms.
  • Food crop genomic advances – insights and opportunities for oats.

Oat breeding and genetics

  • Oat genetic gain – where are the boundaries and opportunities?
  • Breeding systems – thinking big in breeding method and approaches.
  • International germplasm.
  • Genetic diversity.

Global oat markets – production, trade and consumption

  • The path from humble grain to Asian food phenomenon.
  • Beyond the land of milk and honey – what’s next for European food oats?
  • Re-making the flake – oat trends and opportunities in the Americas.
  • Oats in the hay and forage trade.

Oat agronomy and global farming systems

  • Re-positioning oats in changing farming systems.
  • Advances in oat agronomy.
  • Identifying and overcoming constraints to economic oat production.
  • Oat fodder.

Crop protection in oats – meeting weed, disease and pest challenges head on

  • Constraints to reliable production of high-quality oats.
  • New approaches in crop protection.
  • Emerging threats and opportunities in oat production.

Crop physiology and stress tolerance – pushing the boundaries of oats for yield and quality

  • Ideotypes for global oat production.
  • Oat phenology and adaptation.
  • Cold, heat or drought tolerance in oats.
  • Nutrient use efficiency.