In addition to the International Oat Conference Program, affiliated organisations are offering workshops for attendees. When registering for OAT2022, attendees can “Stay Updated” in attending an additional workshop. Workshop hosts will contact interested attendees with more information.

Current workshops on offer outside of the Program as follows:

Friday, 14 October - Workshop 1: Quality, Functionality and Innovation in Oats (Perth)

This one day workshop will explore and share understanding of contemporary and traditional oat foods and the role of innovation and quality requirements in placing appealing, culturally orientated oat choices in front of the world’s growing health conscious consumers.

Host convenor – Larisa, Cato, Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC).

International co-convenor – Ms Lena Bosc-Bierne, Chopin Technologies (KPM Analytics).

Numbers for in-person attendance are limited, however the workshop materials will be available virtually post-conference. Registration  is essential and includes transport to and from Crown Perth.

Cost – AUD$100/person, includes catering. Registration is essential.

Friday, 14 October - Workshop 2: Oat Breeding Technologies (Perth)

This one-day workshop will explore and share developing technologies in phenomics and genomics applicable to oat breeding. Scope includes relevant developments from the oat pan-genome, international oat diversity panels, insights and methodologies from related crops (e.g. artificial intelligence, haplotype-led approaches), oat genotyping platforms, oat germplasm and oat phenomics. A discussion-oriented program will emphasise breeders as end-users and reflect participant interests to enhance application and research in oat breeding technologies.

Host convenors – Dr Allan Rattey, InterGrain Pty Ltd and Professor Chengdao Li, Murdoch University.
International co-convenors – Dr. Michael McMullen, North Dakota State University, Dr Nick Tinker, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Dr Martin Mascher, Leibniz Institute of Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research Germany.

Cost – AUD$100/person, includes catering. Registration is essential.

Friday, 14 October - Workshop 3: Oat crown rust - approaches for durable resistance breeding (Perth)

This one-day workshop will share knowledge and understanding in development of multi-pathotype durable resistance to oat crown rust; including relevant germplasm sources, field, glasshouse and genome based selection systems for application in oat breeding. The meeting will consider the establishment of an international durable OCR nursery as a means of enhancing access to germplasm.

Host Convenors – Professor Robert Park, Australian Cereal Rust Control Program, University of Sydney and Dr Manisha Shankar, Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, South Perth.

Cost – AUD$100/person, includes catering. Registration is essential.

Monday, 17 & Tuesday, 18 October - Workshop 4: International oat rust workers' meeting (Camden, Sydney)

This specialist workshop will focus on oat crown and stem rust pathogens and host genetics and genomics with a view to shared understanding and consolidating progress with these challenging and traditionally intractable oat pathogens. The meeting will be hosted at the Cobbitty facilities of the Australian Cereal Rust Control program with access to rust laboratories, controlled environment facilities and field nurseries near Camden, on the outskirts of Sydney. Participants will be advised and assisted to take relevant biosecurity precautions prior to arrival and on departure from the workshop.

Host convenor: Professor Robert Park, University of Sydney.
International co-convenors: Dr Yue Jin, University of Minnesota and Dr Edyta Paczos-Grzęda, University of Life Sciences Lublin.

Cost – AUD$150/person, includes catering. Registration is essential.

Register to attend one of the optional Workshops here.