Have a question or enquiry about the 2022 International Oat Conference? Browse our FAQ section below to find answers to our most asked questions.


When is the deadline for registration?

The general registration deadline is Tuesday 4th October. Conference presenters are required to register by Friday 9 September to confirm their place in the final conference program. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Is the event online or in-person?

OAT2022 will be a hybrid event and registrations can be made for in-person or virtual attendance.

What is included with my registration?

Please view the registration details above for all of our in-person and virtual registration options.

Can I convert my in-person ticket to virtual if I won’t be able to attend?

Yes. In the event travel is impractical and you have registered to attend in person, you may change to a virtual registration and be refunded the difference provided you notify GIWA in writing by Friday, 9th September 2022.

Can I convert my virtual ticket to in-person should I decide to attend in-person?

Yes. If you wish to attend OAT2022 in-person instead of online, you may change your registration provided you notify GIWA in writing by 9th September 2022.

Can I purchase tickets when I get to the conference?

We strongly recommend purchasing your tickets before the conference date. However, in the circumstance you are unable to purchase before arriving, there is an option to purchase at the conference at our late registration desk. Conference presenters must register by Friday, 9th September to confirm their place in the conference program.

Will the fee be refunded if the Australian government imposes COVID travel restrictions and I cannot attend in-person?

Since 6th July 2022, travellers have been free to enter and leave Australia irrespective of COVID-19 vaccination status, and proof of COVID-19 vaccination is only required in very special circumstances, such as when visiting a health care facility. In the unlikely event that entry to Australia is restricted by the Australian government on health grounds prior to the conference and you are registered to attend in-person, you can swap to a virtual registration (and be refunded the difference) or you can cancel your registration and receive a full refund, by notifying GIWA in writing by Monday, 3rd October 2022.

I need to cancel my place at the conference. Can a colleague attend in my place?

Yes, a colleague can attend in your place, or you can request a refund and your colleague can re-register. If you wish for your colleague to take your place, please contact us regarding this change so we can change registration details.

I am a student, are student registrations available?

Yes. Student registrations are available. Please view the above information for student pricing (and also our news page for student bursary information prior to 20 July).

Are there any pre or post-conference Workshops?

Yes, we are offering four workshops for attendees; three in Perth, WA and one in Sydney, NSW. Please visit the workshops tab under program to view the current workshops on offer outside of the Program.

I no longer want to attend; can I cancel my registration and receive a refund?

Yes, but please be aware that cancellations received after 9th September 2022 are non-refundable unless travel into Western Australia is restricted by the WA Government or Australian Government for COVID-19 related reasons (note: only applies to in-person registrations).

Entering Western Australia and Australia

For official information, please visit the following links:

What visa should I apply for to attend the conference?

Normal visa and border requirements remain in place and may apply depending on individual circumstances. If you wish to apply for a visa, please visit Australian Online Visa.

Where can I find out more about the location?

If you would like to find out more about Western Australia, please visit the location page on this website. You can also find out more about WA here.

How do I book accommodation for the conference?

To make an accommodation booking please refer below for possible accommodation options at a discounted cost.

The Program

At what time and time zone will international Oat Conference 2022 convene?

As OAT2022 will take place in Western Australia the time zone to follow is Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) UTC +8. To convert your time zone, visit

Will all sessions be recorded?

Yes, all sessions will be recorded. Virtual and in-person attendees will be able to view videos of all sessions for 30 days from the time the videos are uploaded to the conference website (expected to be within 2 weeks of the conference close). All participants will be advised by email when videos are available). Please be aware that registration is essential to view these recorded sessions.

Will there be virtual side events or opportunities to network with other participants?

This opportunity is currently being considered.

How is the electronic poster format going to work?

In addition to the poster abstract of 1 to 2 A4 pages, posters will be available electronically to all participants during and after the conference consistent with other contributed papers. Subject to the final program composition, we hope that poster presenters will have the opportunity to briefly introduce their poster to the conference community during one of the concurrent sessions. As the program is finalised, suggested formats for e-posters and brief poster introduction presentations will be provided, likely in mid-late August.


Are there guidelines for presenters?

Yes, please download the OAT2022 Presenter Guidelines below.

OAT2022 Presenter Guidelines

Where can I find the latest Program for the Conference?

Please visit the Program page on this website.

Can I present in another language or do I have to present in English?

All presentations for the Conference must be made in English.


If your question has not been answered, please contact GIWA at or via phone on +61 8 6262 2128.

If you do not wish to register as yet, please complete the “Stay Updated” form below. This is not registration to attend the event just to keep you in the loop!